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 A little information on how I starter this hobby.
Lady Gouldian finch.

    I started with a pair of normal red headed goulds given to me by my employees as a Christmas present
    in 2003.
    My first gouldian outdoor aviary cage measured  6'x 6' x 6.5'  out of galvanized wire. After a few
    months, I bought 3 black headed and 3 red headed  gouldian pairs.  By spring of 2004 the birds are
    just beautiful including the plants inside the cage.

    Summer 2004, I decided to add more space ( 10'x10'x6.5'h) to the aviary. There are Guava trees,
    potted eucalyptus plant and other ornamental vines and non-toxic plants which you will be seeing in my
    aviary page.  There's a water  drip system for the potted plants and a misters/fogger system for the
    hot summer months when the temperature goes up to 100+ degrees.

    There's a lot to learn about this species. Another big issue to consider is money and time. It's not
    cheap, especially if you want to have mutations.  Beginners beware. To me, it didn't come easy.
    Gouldians are very unpredictable especially it's health.  All my birds are strong and healthy, but I still
    lost some without any apparent reason. No signs of weakness or sickness, next thing you know you'll
    find it at the bottom of the cage dead. Just have to get use to it.

    Spring 2005 was a lot better.  Remember, my aviary set up is for colony breeding.  Poster parenting
    system is not my style. They don't do that kind of stuff in the wild so my birds have to learn on their
    own. Sometimes, gouldians throw their babies out of the nest box, this year we found 3 gouldian babies
    that were thrown out of the nest boxes. They were a couple of days to a week old. I put them in a
    small bird cage with a heat panel on one side, wrapped a towel all over the cage to keep the warm
    temperature and all three survived and are eating on their own now.  

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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