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    Summer 2005:
    A couple of years later, I'm still working as hard to achieve a wonderful collection of healthy and happy

    The winter of 2004 was a tough season here in Southern California. It was very cold and very wet for a long
    time. Most of my female goulds died that winter and by Spring of 2005, it became another problem to find
    decent breeding hens and outside raised.  

    June 2005
    Received a voice message from Karen of La Brea, CA. (which I bought seven lady goulds from her early this
    year), and could not believed what she had offered me when I returned her call that evening. She said that
    she's giving me all her birds including all the breeding cages and accessories. She told me that she feels that I
    will take good care of her precious birds and honestly I will. All together she gave me 22 healthy lady gouldians
    mostly white breasted and 3 strawberry finches to add to my collection.  I waited a couple of days before I let
    them in the outdoor aviary. It took them almost half the day to feel comfortable with the rest of the flock.

    July & August 2005
    I Love it, the birds love it.  Finally, summer in Southern California. Another addition to my aviary. I call it the
    "Rain forest / SPA"  4' x 8'x 6' with misters and drinking station.  It is fun to watch them fly over the mist or
    perch under and get wet.

    September 2005

    Another beautiful hot month. The goulds loves it.  There's a total of five babies that came out healthy in
    addition  to the  three babies that we hand fed.  I will keep the tamed hand fed babies until spring time then I
    will introduce them in the aviary.

    Thank you for visiting my site and please return for future updates on my adventures with
    Lady Gouldian  Finches.

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